Kasco Premium Nozzles for Series Fountains

MPN: 820320K

Manufacturer: Kasco AD

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Every Kasco J Series Fountain comes standard with multiple nozzles that deliver their own unique spray patterns. For additional visual impact, consider Kasco Premium Nozzles (sold separately). Unique, bold and known for their style and class, these unique nozzles offer additional options for any 2, 3, 5, or 7.5HP JF Series model (also available for 1HP in 50Hz models). The nozzles are simple to install with just three set screws. Get everything you want from your fountain by adding a Kasco Premium Nozzle today.

Remove any nozzles that were previously installed on the fountain’s cone assembly. Push the nozzle down over the cone assembly (it may require light taps with a rubber mallet to seat properly). Next, use the 3 Self Tapping screws provided in the 3 holes on the nozzle and tighten the screws into the cone assembly. Once you feel resistance, two more turns will be sufficient.

For Best results, Align the nozzle with the fountain’s Cone assembly according to the pictures below.

Product Info
 Item PDF Height Width HP
820211K 18 ft. 30 ft. 5
820213K 12 ft. 34 ft. 2
820214K 16 ft. 50 ft. 5
820215K 13 ft. 25 ft. 1
820216K 13 ft. 36 ft. 2
820220K 19 ft. 60 ft. 5
820221K 17 ft. 50 ft. 5
820223K 14 ft. 42 ft. 2
820311K 20 ft. 34 ft. 7.5
820314K 19 ft. 60 ft. 7.5
820320K 22 ft. 69 ft. 7.5
820750K 30 ft. 10 ft. 7.5