Aquadyne Ecosphere Filtration Systems

MPN: ECO10/20

Manufacturer: Aquadyne AD

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The Aquadyne EcoSphere filtration systems are excellently suited to filter ponds and other aquatic habitats. Both models come standard with an Air Backwash system that performs just like the larger Aquadyne systems except in a small footprint package for smaller water features, ponds, aquaponic systems, quarantine systems, or other small aquatic habitats ranging in the 1000 to 4000 gallon class. These systems offer an efficient water flow. You can backwash with as little as 15 gallons of water. They include a 1.5" control head with 1.5" ports in/out, with (3) ea. 1.5" self-sealing unions included. These systems are also suitable for an indoor, large volume aquarium filter. These units are also an excellent starter for small laboratory research or aquaponic applications.

  • Easy to install & simple to use
  • Low maintenance and cleans in approx 5 minutes
  • Full rinse cycle 
  • Sludge waste drain
  • Air backwash for complete waste removal
    Product Info
     Item Fish Pond Volume Fish Load Pump Size Power Plumbing Size Quick Unions Dimensions Average Backwash
    ECO10/20 1000 gal. 30 lbs
    1800 GPH *Included*
    110v. 220 watts
    1.5" 5 19 x 19 x 26 5 gal
    ECO40/80 4000 gal.
    85 lbs
    5460/1800 GPH *Included* 110v. 320 watts low 1.5"
    5 30 x 40 x 18 30 gal