Aquadyne Plug & Play Filtration Systems

Aquadyne Plug & Play Filtration Systems


Manufacturer: Aquadyne AD

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Aquadyne Plug & Play Filtration Systems take the hassle out of the decision making and installation process for you. Ideal for both residential and commercial installations. The Aquadyne Systems far exceeds the performance of most all competitive filtration units in its class, capable of consuming large amounts of fish waste and neutralizing equally large amounts of ammonia and nitrite from the aquatic environment. Aquadyne systems can be set in place and put into service within a short time of arrival and no prior experience with system assembly is necessary.

All Aquadyne Plug & Play Filtration Systems Include:

  • All Weather UV Resistant Equipment Pad
  • Aquadyne Biological / Mechanical Filter Unit
  • Delta Ultraviolet Sterilizer
  • Performance Pro Pump
  • Pre-configured Plumbing System w/UV Bypass
  • Quick Disconnect Union Setup
Product Info
 Item Aqyadyne Model Pond size up to UV Size Plumbing Size Aquatic Volume
PNPAD2000 AD2000/.60B 1/8 HP (3600 GPH)
1.5 in
2,000 gal
PNPAD4000 AD4000/1.1B 1/8 HP (3600 GPH) EP-5 1.5 in 4,000 gal
PNPAD8000 AD8000/2.2B 1/4 HP (5700 HPH) EP-10 1.5 in 8,000 gal
PNPAD8000HE AD8000HE.2.2NHE 1/3 HP (6300 GPH) EP-10 2 in 8,000 gal
PNPAD16000 AD16000/4.4C 1/2 HP (7500 GPH) EP-20 2 in 16,000 gal
PNPAD30000 AD30000/8.8C 1/2 HP (7500 GPH) EP-40 2 in 30,000 gal