Evolution Aqua K+ Pressure Filters

MPN: K+PressureFilter3600

Manufacturer: Evolution Aqua AD

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Advanced Pressurized Filters with K+ Media

 These game-changing filtration systems completely re-invent the way we think about bead filters. Rather than using conventional beads as their principal filter media, these filters use K+ Media. With its innovative structure, this advanced media is molded with minerals for faster beneficial bacteria development and improved bio-film. K+ Media also has a much larger protected surface area than any Evolution Aqua media. 

  • Class-leading total surface and protected area
  • Exceptional solids removal thanks to efficient design
  • Minerals added during manufacturing provide faster maturation times
  • Reduced energy consumption, less back pressure on pumps
  • Multi-port valve and blower included, and large viewing lid
Product Info
 Item PDF Max Pond Size
Pump Size
Multi-Port Valve Size
Air Blower Size
3,600 gal
2,400 GPH - 3,600 GPH 18"D x 30"H 1.5"
200 W