Saki - Hikari Pure White Shiroji Maintenance - Floating

Saki - Hikari Pure White Shiroji Maintenance - Floating

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Manufacturer: Hikari AD

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A professional use, supplemental daily diet intended to help finish the Shiroji (white) of your championship-grade koi while enhancing the depth and brilliance of the skin. 

  • Contains our proprietary "Hikari-Germ" a live (viable) naturally occurring microorganism (probiotic) and a uniquely blended ingredient mix offering extremely efficient nutrient utilization
  • A uniquely balanced diet rich in the necessary nutrients to support immune system health
  • Contains a traditional Japanese health food ~ extract of pickled Japanese apricot, which naturally contains Apricot- Polyphenol and higher levels of Citric Acid and support efficient metabolism in Nishikigoi, an important first step in developing desirable Shiroji (white area)
  • Includes Milled Sesame Seed which is high in antioxidants koi can utilize and helps improve skin gloss and luster
  • The "Hikari-Germ" remains active in the waste making it more powder-like and easier for your biological action to decompose due to the higher surface area
  • Excellent for finishing the Shiroji of koi and perfect for use following Saki-Hikari® Deep Red™ feeding
FEEDING: Use of Saki-Hikari Pure White with our other Saki-Hikari diets is recommended to experience the maximum Hikari Germ effect. The use of color enhancing diets will reduce the impact of Saki-Hikari Pure White.
Above 64°F - Feed two to four times daily based on the activity level of your koi.

Between 54°F and 64°F - Feed  two to four times daily based on the activity level of your koi. For best results, try to feed during the warmest part of the day.

Between 41°F and 54°F - Carefully regulate the amount fed based on the activity level of your koi and your pond conditions. Extreme care should be taken to avoid over-feeding in this temperature range.
          Guaranteed Analysis
          Guaranteed Analysis
          Crude Protein (min.) 37.0%
          Crude Fat (min.) 5.0%
          Crude Fiber (max.) 1.5%
          Moisture (max.) 10.0%
          Ash (max.) 15.0%
          Phosphorus (min.)
          Vitamin E
          7,000 IU/kg min.
          Vitamin A
          19,000 IU/kg min.
          Ascorbic Acid (min.)
          9,900 mg/kg
          Vitamin D3
          3,800 IU/kg min.
          B. Subtilis (min) 1,0x106 CFU/g
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          Pellet Size
          11 lbs
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