Aquascape Pond Salt

MPN: 99416

Manufacturer: Aquascape AD

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Aquascape Pond Salt is a general fish tonic that helps treat fish health problems such as parasites. It uses non-iodized salt so it's safe for your fish and aquatic plants. The non-iodized salt will also help reduce fish stress by repairing your fish's natural slime coat and restore electrolytes for proper gill function!

  • General tonic for pond fish - Treats fish health problems.
  • Regenerates mucus membrane - Also known as slime coat.
  • Non-iodized salt - Safe for your pond fish.
  • Restores electrolytes - Allows proper gill function.
  • Helps reduce fish stress.

How Much: Preventative - add one scoop per 190 gallons. Treatment of sick fish - add two scoops per 190 gallons.

How Often: As needed. Only re-apply when removing water or performing a water change.

How To: For best results, dissolve the salt in a clean bucket with warm water and add to the area with the most circulation.

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1,520 Gal
99417 9 lbs 6,840 Gal
40003 40 lbs 30,400 gal