Anjon Manufacturing Little Frog Fountain Pump and Nozzle Kit

MPN: LF-350

Manufacturer: Anjon AD

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Anjon Little Frog Pumps are an extremely low energy magnetic drive pump and fountain set with 3 display nozzles. Featuring pre-filter which prevents clogging. Anjon Little Frog Pumps are oil free, which means it is safe for fish and aquatic plants. 

  • Includes Bell, Foam and 2-Tier nozzles
  • Built in flow control and diverter valve
  • Riser tube extends 14"
  • Pre-filter prevents clogging
  • 30' power cord
  • 2 year warranty
Product Info
Item GPH Bell Fountain Foam Jet 3-Tier Watts
LF-350 350 5"H/9"W 8"H/4W" 25"H/22"W 60
LF-500 500 7"H/13"W 10"H/5"W 36"H/39"W 70
LF-750 750 9"H/17"W 14"H/7"W 44"H/40"W 99
LF-950 950 9"H/17"W 16"H/7"W 46"H/40"W 190