EasyPro Concentrated Blue Lake Colorant

EasyPro Concentrated Blue Lake Colorant


Manufacturer: EasyPro AD

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The use of fish safe dye is a common part of an overall pond maintenance program. Dyes may be poured directly into the pond/ lake (preferably in several locations). Upon complete dispersal these dyes are non staining and are fish, pet and wildlife safe. Handle with care prior to dilution to prevent staining

  • This nontoxic and harmless pond dye is for use in pond and lakes
  • Waters can be used for swimming and irrigation once product is dispersed
  • Compatible with most aquatic algaecides and herbicides
  • One quart treats one acre of water 3' to 6' deep
    Application Rates
     Item PDF Size Treats (up to)
    32 oz.
    1 acre, 4'-6' deep