Bermuda Breeze Air Pump Kits

MPN: BER0502

Manufacturer: Bermuda AD

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Bermuda Breeze Air Pumps are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure maximum efficiency and durability. Each model is supplied with airline, valve and air stones. Adding increased levels of oxygen into a garden pond can greatly improve the environment for ornamental fish and wildlife. Aeration in the pond is extremely important in warm weather when oxygen levels reduce. A higher level of oxygen is required when treating fish diseases as treatments can diminish oxygen. They are also ideal for keeping an area of your pond ice free during the winter months.

  • Aids the health of all ornamental fish
  • Complete with hose, valve and air stones
  • Economical to run, low wattage
  • Suitable for outdoors use
    Product Info
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    Power Air Stones
    Tubing Dimensions
    BER0502 30 lpm 25 W 4 (4) 18 ft. rolls 10.8" x 6.6" x 7"
    BER0503 40 lpm 30 W 4 (4) 18 ft. rolls 10.8" x 6.6" x 7"