Atlantic Large Pondless Kits


Manufacturer: Atlantic Water Gardens AD

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Atlantic Pondless Kits are an easy, convenient and affordable way to build a beautiful waterfall in your own backyard. 

  • Kits come complete with glue, sealant and fittings, to eliminate any guesswork.
  • Included LED lighting extends enjoyment into the evening.
  • Vaults and Spillways are matched to energy efficient pumps - keeping operating costs low.
Product Info
 Item Spillway Width # of EcoBlox Fastfalls Liner Size Pump Pump Vault Basin Size Stream Bed
PK1819PL 19" 3 SP1900 10' x 15' TT4000 PV1800 54" x 32" x 18" 19"-26"W x 6'L
PK1826PL 26" 5 SP2600 10' x 20' TT5000 PV1800 54" x 48" x 18" 26"-32"W x 10'L