Savio Pond Free Waterfall Packages

MPN: PF0500

Manufacturer: Savio AD

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Vanishing waterfalls and streams are the hot new-must have backyard accessory. Now using the latest technology you can enjoy the sounds of a lively water feature with less maintenance. Savio has applied its advanced design principles to two extremely durable, easy to install kits. Kit includes professional quality components and their new nearly indestructible Waterfall Well component. Products provide everything necessary to build a dynamic waterfall or stream-scape environment except the rocks and plants.

Product Info
 Item Weir Size Pump 45 mil EPDM Liner Hose
PF0500 16" 2,220 GPH 10' x 15' 2" x 15'
PF1000 16" 3,960 GPH 10' x 20' 2" x 2'
PF1500 31" 6,500 GPH 10' x 25' 2" x 30'