Aquascape IonGen Electronic Pond Clarifier Replacement Parts

MPN: 95017

Manufacturer: Aquascape AD

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Replacement control panel w/ transformer for use with IonGen G2 System #95012

For Use with Aquascape IonGen G2 System

Kit contains everything necessary for the installation of the IonGen G2 Flow Chamber:

  • IonGen G2 Flow Chamber.
  • Two 2" PVC slip fittings.
  • Two multi-hose adapters for use with kink-free hose.

Replacement probe for the IonGen System - 2nd Generation. (G2)


  • Durable quick connect electrical connection - cable to probe is 15' long
  • Tool-free probe installation
  • Angled probe helps deflect debris and reduce clogging

Replacement fitting kit for use with IonGen™ G2 System #95012.


Replacement sealing washer and gasket lubricant for use with IonGen™ G2 System #95012.


Replaceable IonGen Version 1 & 1.5 Probe typically lasts one to three seasons of use, depending on the ionization level of operation, size of pond, and water parameters of the water feature.


Replacement probe compatible with 1st - generation PVC tee-style Flow Chamber and G2 control panel. Includes 5-foot quick-connect cable.

  • Convenient mounting solution for the IonGen System G2 probe
  • Enables IonGen G2 probe installation without the flow chamber
  • Straps onto any pipe measuring 1 - 4 inches in diameter
  • Can be used in a filter (e.g. Skimmer, Pondless Waterfall Vault)