Laguna Clear Fast, 16 oz

Laguna Clear Fast, 16 oz

MPN: PT871

Manufacturer: Laguna AD

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Laguna Clear Fast contains a special fast-acting formula that quickly clears cloudy or discoloured pond water and eliminates pea-soup-like water conditions. It also helps clump debris, making it easier for removal by mechanical filtration. Clear Fast is safe for fish and plants.

Dosing Instructions: 

Use 50 mL per 265 U.S. gal. of pond water when water is clouded. Use the doser cap provided for an accurate measurement. Note: The recommended dosage yields the best results. Overdosing will not improve the effectiveness. However, if the cloud remains after a 24 hour period, then a second dose may be required. For pond water treatment only.

 Warning: During hot weather or warm water temperatures, strong aeration is recommended to avoid fish stress due to oxygen depletion that may result in fish loss. With proper filtration and aeration Clear Fast is safe and effective.

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