Oase OxyTex Underwater Biofilter

MPN: 51075

Manufacturer: Oase AD

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OxyTex CWS - intelligent pond management with the OASE Clear Water System. The OxyTex CWS increases the performance of your existing pond filter system by up to 25%. A settlement surface of 3.5m sq. through which air flows ensure optimal decomposition of the micro organisms. OASE recommends that the OxyTex CWS be used together with the OASE AquaOxy aerator pump.

Air Pump NOT included

  1. Unique pond aerator with a large surface for micro organisms.
  2. Multi-functional: Oxygen supply, circulation and nutrient decomposition in one.
  3. Supplemental nutrient decomposition, ideal as a supplement for the FiltoMatic CWS.
  4. Biological activation of the entire pond.
  5. Implementation as individual filter medium is possible.
  6. Re circulation of 10m³/h with the OxyTex Set 1000 CWS at a water depth of 1 m.
Product Info
 Item PDF Airline Max Pond Size Dimensions
51075 16 ft. roll up to 5,000 gallons 9"D x 12"H