Tetra Aquasafe

MPN: 16267

Manufacturer: Tetra AD

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Turns fresh tap water into pond water.

Essential for all pond keepers! Normal tap water contains chemicals and metals that can harm pond fish. This quickly eliminates chlorine, chloramines, and neutralizes heavy metals. It also provides a protective colloid coating for fish.

Tetra Aquasafe Application Rates
10mL 1/4 cup
for every 50 gallons of water for every 300 gallons of pond water
If chlorine levels in your tap water are high enough that you can smell the chlorine, use up to double the normal dosage.
Use Aquasafe whenever you add water to your pond
Treats (up to)
Item Size Treats (up to)
16310 50 blocks 12,500 gallons
16735 4 blocks 1,000 gallons