Tetra Water Clarifier

MPN: 16397

Manufacturer: Tetra AD

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Water Clarifier quickly clumps contaminants so they can be easily removed by filtration. Will not harm pond life and plants (when used as directed).

Remove clumps of contaminants from pond bottom with a fine mesh net or pond vacuum. Pond filters will also remove some of the debris. Treat in the morning for the best results.

Tetra Water Clarifier Application Rates
10ml 1/4 cup
treats 50 gallons of pond water treats 300 gallons of pond water
Dilute the proper dosage in a bucket of water. Pour the diluted mixture into the pond evenly along the edges and in the middle. Stir the water with hose spray or stick to further distribute the solution throughout the pond.
Provide continuous aeration to the pond with fountain, waterfall or air pump clarifierwhile using this product.
Re-dose as required, allowing 3 days between treatments using 1/2 dosage. 10 ml for every 100 gallons of pond water.
When using this product, Carbonate Hardness should be maintained at a level greater than or equal to 1-2 DH. If in doubt about your water's hardness, perform a 20% water change. Be sure to use AquaSafe water conditioner any time you add water to the pond. Do not use more frequently than every 3 days to avoid excessively stressing the fish. Provide adequate aeration.
Treats (up to)
Item Size Treats (up to)
16393 8.45 oz 1,250 gallons
16397 16.9 oz 2,500 gallons

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