OASE BioSmart Gravity Filters

MPN: 56929

Manufacturer: Oase AD

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The BioSmart Gravity Filters are a multi-stage mechanical and biological filtration system in a compact package, designed for medium ponds or for ponds with moderate biological load (some fish).

During biological filtration, the water is channeled through a series of filter foams that create a special environment by allowing the settling of beneficial bacteria. During this stage, harmful ammonia and nitrites are converted to nitrates, which support plant life in the pond.

  1. Innovative Flow-Through filter design provides maximum oxygenation
  2. High-surface area filter foams provide exceptional biological filtration capability
  3. Distinct filter zones promote the settlement of a variety of beneficial bacterial responsible for different phases of the nitrogen cycle, which increases the conversion of harmful ammonia in your pond
  4. Advanced features include the built-in cleaning indicator notifies you when the filter needs cleaned and water temperature display tells you the water temperature at all times
  5. Cleaning handles for convenient maintenance allow for easy cleaning without needing to remove or manually unclog the filter foams
  6. After clearing the filter foams, the sludge drain can be opened for easy removal of coarse debris from the unit
  7. For best results and clear water guaranteed, use with an appropriately sized OASE pump and UV clarifier

        Product Info
         Item PDF Max. Flow Rate Sludge Drain Connection Max Pond Size (No Fish) Max Pond Size (Koi) Dimensions UVC Power
        56929 Up To 2700 GPH 2 in. 5000 Gal 1250 Gal 22 x 22 x 16 in. -
        56930 Up To 3600 GPH 2 in. 10000 Gal 5000 Gal 30 x 22 x 16 in. -

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