Scott Aerator Beachroller Weed Eliminator

MPN: 40031

Manufacturer: Scott Aerator AD

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The Beachroller is an amazingly simple tool that eliminates lake weeds at the roots. It's the only manual lake weed-cutting device that gets to the problem: the lake bottom. The Beachroller cuts and pulls weeds out by the roots while simultaneously loosening muck and silt on the bottom. The 2-foot-wide roller is equipped with six custom blades connected to the 15-foot handle, so you can cover a large area in a short amount of time. Cut weeds don't stick to the roller, so there's no need to stop and clean off nasty stuff.

The Beachroller is simple to use:

  • Put the roller in the water.
  • Let the roller fill with water and sink to the lake bottom.
  • Push the Beachroller along the lake bottom.
  • Six custom blades cut, rip and pull up weeds and muck.
  • Repeat until your beach area is clean.

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