Aquascape Bio Balls

MPN: 98464

Manufacturer: Aquascape AD

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BioBalls™ provide a textured surface area (19 square inches per BioBall™) for beneficial bacteria to colonize and grow. Aquascape BioBalls™ are the ideal filtration media for use in all biological filtration.

  • Center channel allows the balls to be strung together making cleaning easier
  • Textured surface maximizes space for beneficial bacteria populations and water retention
  • Maximizes dissolved oxygen levels
  • Compact size allows for placement into smaller areas
  • Paddle wheel design breaks water flow helping to de-gas and aerate water

Contains 100 balls, and media bag with drawstring

Product Info
 Item Quantity
100 BioBalls
1.5" Diameter
56014 1000 BioBalls 1.5" Diameter