Atlantic Color Changing Compact Spotlight & Light Ring Replacement Parts


Manufacturer: Atlantic Water Gardens AD

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Atlantic quick-connect wiring makes connecting multiple fixtures fast and easy. Compact inline 4-outlet Block Splitters simplify connections and mount on flat surfaces to neaten and organize wiring. All Splitters feature removable weather-proof caps for unused outlet and one-way keyed connections to eliminate misalignment and water intrusion.

  • Input Voltage: InfiColor
  • Includes: Weatherproof caps
  • Dimensions: 5"L x 1-1/2"W x 1-1/2"H w/ 4" cord
  • Extension cords allow remote placement of lights where needed most in the landscape, waterscape and hardscape
  • Atlantic's extensions feature silicone gaskets and dielectric grease for secure waterproof connections
  • Color Changing Extension Cords feature one-way keyed connections to eliminate misalignment and water intrusion

The InfiColor Smart Module and mobile application allow users to program custom color sequences and transitions, set sequence timing and daily scheduling and unlock all RGB options on any Apple or Android mobile device. The InfiColor Smart Module now controls three individual zones via Bluetooth mobile application and is compatible with all Atlantic Color Changing Lighting and Color Changing Colorfalls, with simple adapters included with every Module.

  • Smart Module is wirelessly controlled via InfiColor App, no remote necessary
  • Color Changing Lights can be synced and linked as a single zone or three zones may be controlled individually
  • Module includes removable weatherproof caps for unused outlets
  • 30 watt transformer is fully weatherproof for worry-free outdoor installations
  • Add a larger transformer and additional wiring components (not included) to power up to 120 watts of Color Changing Lighting, 40 watts per zone


The InfiColor App makes custom colors, sequences, transitions, timing and daily scheduling of your Atlantic Color Changing Lighting or Color Changing Colorfalls accessible on any Apple or Android mobile device. Best of all, it eliminates the need for a separate remote control! 

  • Select any or all of the three zones to control
  • Choose any color visually or create a custom color with RGB sliders
  • Combine and save custom color sequences as Favorites
  • Assign one of five transitions and adjust the speed of any Favorite
  • Adjust brightness of sequences and solid colors if desired

  • 20' 6-wire Extension Cord
  • For use with Color Changing SOL Lights
  • Can be used in Submersible or Open Air applications
  • Only compatible with Atlantic Water Gardens color changing lights

For those looking to bring more than just a warming glow to your evening, Atlantic™s Color Changing SOL LEDs are the solution. Just like our popular Color Changing Colorfalls, these LEDs create a vibrant nighttime atmosphere with 48 different colors and 16 different color changing combinations. Multiple LEDs can be connected to be run through one transformer and be controlled together, all by remote!


  • For Use With: Color Changing SOL Lighting
  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Transformer Warranty: 1 year
  • Control Module Warranty: 1 year
  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Includes: 88 watt transformer, (3) 3-way / 6-wire splitters, (2) 20™ extension cords, control module & remote control

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