Atlantic Deep Water Aeration System

MPN: TPD100S-87R6

Manufacturer: Atlantic Water Gardens AD

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For ponds and lakes to thrive, they need to breathe or problems can develop. The solution to organic sludge and excessive weed growth, low oxygen and stratification is aeration. The keys to sizing are depth and shape. The deeper the lake, the more water a single large diffuser can circulate. The shallower the lake, the more complex its shape, the more small diffusers will be required. Atlantic Water Gardens Complete Deep Water Aeration System offer deep water aeration for ponds and lakes from 8' to 45' in depth and up to 4 surface acres in area. The complete system comes with deep water diffusers, weighted tubing, and all necessary push lock quick release fittings for your installation.

  • Includes Rocking Piston Deep Water Compressor, Tubing & Diffuser(s)
  • Pressure gauge and pressure relief valve monitor and protect compressor for enhanced reliability and longevity
  • Heavy-duty double-walled Cabinets secure and protect components with providing noise insulation
  • Cabinets have a reinforced lockable lid and sturdy hinges with vandal resistant screws for secure installation
  • Integrated cooling fan keeps components from overheating
  • Filtered intake protects the compressor from dust and debris
Product Info
 Item PDF Coverage Area (up to) Max Depth Max CFM/LPM Coverage @ 8' Coverage @ 20' Weighted Tubing Diffusers Amps/Watts
TPD100S-87R6 1 surface acre 25' 1.8/50 1/4 acre 1 acre 100' 1
TPD200S-87R6 2 surface acres 35' 3.5/100 1/2 acre 2 acre 200' 2 4/460
TPD300S-72R6 3 surface acres 35' 4.9/150 3/4 acre 3 acre 300' 3 5.8/650
TPD400S-72R6 4 surface acres 45' 5.7/160 1 acre 4 acre 400' 4 7.5/820

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