Atlantic Water Gardens FallsFoam Waterfall Foam

MPN: LF1100

Manufacturer: Atlantic Water Gardens AD

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  • FallsFoam fills voids and keeps water flowing on top of waterfall rocks instead of under them
  • Atlantic's high density closed cell FallsFoam resists foot traffic and waterlogging
  • Black for lower visibility, Foam resists UV deterioration and lasts for years
  • Foam Cleaner quickly dissolves uncured foam to keep guns and surroundings clean

Be careful while using FallsFoam – ALWAYS use eye protection and WEAR GLOVES! Foam Gun Cleaner LF1325 will dissolve foam only while foam is still wet. Once dry, FallsFoam is VERY difficult to remove from skin and clothes! Also, be sure to clean your Foam Gun with Foam Gun Cleaner when you remove the empty foam can. This will prevent the foam from drying inside the gun which would render it unusable.

Product Info
 Item Description For Use With Size Warranty/Shelf Life
LF1100 DIY Black Waterfall Foam can w/applicator straw - 12 oz. 1 year from Born on Date
LF1300 Professional Black Waterfall Gun Foam Foam Guns 29 oz. 1 year from Born on Date
LF1325 Foam Gun Cleaner Can w/optional spray nozzle Foam Guns 12 oz. 1-year