EasyPro Axiom Pond Skimmer/Filter Combo


Manufacturer: EasyPro AD

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Combines mechanical and biological filtration all in one!

EasyPro Axiom Pond Skimmer/Filter Combo Features:
  • Includes debris net and filter brushes for mechanical filtration
  • A second compartment behind mechanical filtration holds UTM1 biological media, included, for complete water filtration
  • Maximum flow rate 60 GPM (3600 GPH)
  • Use with SETS2 extension tube (optional)
Product Info
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Dimensions (LxWxH) Water Inlet Max Flow Rate Pond Size w/Fish Pond Size w/o Fish
33" x 19" x 23" 8" 3,600 gph 2,000 gal 4,000 gal