EasyPro Fountain Basin


Manufacturer: EasyPro AD

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Ideal for small statues, vases or rocks where splash is minimal. Has the thickest, strongest grating  of any similar product. Roto-molded for superior strength. 
  • Pump access door for easy pump removal and cleaning. 
  • Fine mesh screen included
Product Info
 Item PDF Dimensions
Max Pump
26"W x 26"L x 12"H 15 gal 600 gph
50"W x 50"L x 14"H 80 gal 3,200 gph
EasyPro 26" Fountain Basin (MPN EFB26)
  • Ideal for streams and large ponds
  • Keep your pond clean and your fish safe from predators
  • Prevent poor water quality problems by keeping leaves and other debris from falling into your pond
EasyPro 50" Fountain Basin (MPN EFB50)

Measuring 50" x 50" and 14" deep, this basin is ideal for large individual features or can hold multiple smaller pieces for a truly impressive display. Pumps up to 3200 GPH can be used!

  • Ships complete and is engineered to be self supporting, so no cement blocks or other props are needed to support the grating
  • Has the thickest, strongest grating of any similar product and features a pump access door for easy pump removal/service