Laguna Powerfalls Filter Spillway

MPN: PT490

Manufacturer: Laguna AD

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The Laguna Powerfalls Filter Spillway is an easy and affordable option for adding a waterfall to your small to medium sized pond. For ponds up 1000 gallons, it can be installed in or above ground and is easy to use and maintain. As water flows through the Filter Spillway, it passes through filter foam, providing mechanical and biological filtration.


  • Solid, professional grade fiberglass construction
  • Can be installed in or above ground
  • Faceplate allows for easy liner attachment
  • 1 1/2" threaded bulkhead fitting
Product Info
 Item PDF Max Pump Rate
Weir Size
1,000 GPH
14 1/2"
22" x 15" x 16¼"