Microbe-Lift Bio-Blue Enzymes & Pond Colorant


Manufacturer: Ecological Labs AD

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Microbe-Lift Bio-Blue safely colors water a beautiful shade of blue while the enzymes help to create a healthy pond environment by digesting organic waste and reducing noxious odors. Will not stain birds or fish, and is safe for humans, plants and aquatic life. Blocks out specific light rays, and mixes completely in hours.

      Application Rates
      Microbe-Lift Bio-Blue Basic Application Rates
      Pond Size (gallons) Dosage
      250 1/2 oz
      500 1 oz.
      1,000 2 oz.
      1,001+ 2 oz. + 1oz. per additional 500 gallons
      Treats (up to)
      Item Size Treats (up to)
      MLBB8 8 oz 4,000 gal
      MLBB16 16 oz 8,000 gal
      MLBBG4 1 gal 64,000 gal
      MLBB5 5 gal 320,000 gal