Microbe-Lift Eliminate Odor & Stain Remover


Manufacturer: Ecological Labs AD

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Microbe-Lift/Eliminate is a special formulation that first binds the odor molecules, and then with the specially selected bacteria contained in this product degrades them. The odor causing molecules are converted into carbon dioxide and water!

This unique, biologically formulated product employs the latest natural technologies. It is highly concentrated blend of friendly, beneficial bacteria. This natural formula will not just cover strong pet odors; it will eliminate them at their source!

  • Destroys pet odors
  • Naturally eliminates stains left by organic waste (Vomit, feces, urine)
  • Destroys uric acid crystals
  • Non-irritating to your pet
  • Long-lasting
  • Eliminates market spots
  • Contains billions of friendly bacteria
  • Harmless to pets when used as directed
  • Can be used on all water-safe surfaces
  • Will not track dirt

Note: Do not use Microbe-Lift/Eliminate in combination with chemicals, bleach or detergents. These agents will kill the beneficial bacteria.

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      ELIMCATQ 32 oz Cat
      ELIMDOGQ 32 oz Dog
      ELIMOUTQ 32 oz Cat/Dog (Outdoor)
      ELIMCATG1 1 Gal Cat
      ELIMDOGG1 1 Gal Dog
      ELIMOUTG1 1 Gal Cat/Dog (Outdoor)