Microbe-Lift pH Increase


Manufacturer: Ecological Labs AD

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Safely Raises pH Levels

  1. Formulated in de-ionized water
  2. Includes 2 pH increasers for gentle effectiveness and 3 electrolytes to help maintain osmotic balance
  3. Contains a slime coat ingredient for skin protection and stress reduction in pond fish
  4. Has a chelating agent to enhance water quality
  5. Not harmful to fish or plants

Application: Test your pond water at the same time each day (dawn = lowest pH; dusk = highest pH) for a pH reading. If the pH is lower than 6.5, use Microbe-Lift pH Increase Plus. If your pond contains fish and/or plants, do not dramatically change the pH (more than .5 of a pH unit) in 24 hours, as this may shock the aquatic life and plants. Apply Microbe-Lift pH Increase Plus in several steps and measure increased pH before next addition. Repeat if/as necessary.

      Microbe-Lift pH Increase Plus Dosage
      Add 1 oz. per 600 gallons of water for every 0.1 pH unit increase desired
      Treats (up to)
      Item Size Treats (up to)
      PHIN16 16 oz. 9,600 gal
      PHIN32 32 oz. 19,200 gal
      PHINGAL 1 gal 76,800 gal