Microbe-Lift Therapeutic Salt for Ponds & Quarantine Tanks


Manufacturer: Ecological Labs AD

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A Novel Blend Containing Pure Evaporated Sea Salt, Essential Electrolytes & Allantoin for Fish Health

Microbe-Lift/Therapeutic Salt For Ponds & Quarantine Tanks reduces the amount of energy a fish must expend to maintain osmotic balance, in fresh water fish, this energy can be substantial. If your fish is suffering as a result of a nitrite spike (a.k.a. Brown Blood Disease), ML/Therapeutic Salt For Quarantine Tanks acts to slow the rate of nitrite uptake - possibly the difference between survival and death, with electrolytes, minerals and Allantoin, which accelerates wound and fin healing, ML/Therapeutic Salt provides the necessary elements pond fish require to reduce stress and develop a healthy slime coat.


Be especially careful when adding any salt to tanks containing aquatic plants as salt can have a toxic effect. Before adding salt, remove any zeolite products. Fish emit excessive amounts of ammonia when salted, so test your water for ammonia spikes with Microbe-Lift/Ammonia Test Strips. Don't overdose.

  • Reduces fish stress & the risk of osmotic shock
  • Improves fish gill function
  • Temporarily blocks nitrite toxicity
  • Helps to promote slime coat
    Pond Size
    1st Application
    (2 oz packets)
    Small Tank 1/2 cup (120 g) per 10 gal. (38L) of water.
    LargeTank 5 cups (1.13 kg) per 100 gal. (378L) of pond water.
    For Stress Reduction 2 tbls. (30 g) per 10 gal. * 1 1/2 cups (360 g) per 100 gal.

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