Savio Black Foam IPF Water Resistant Sealant Can

Savio Black Foam IPF Water Resistant Sealant Can

MPN: BF400

Manufacturer: Savio AD

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Savio Black Foam is a convenient black colored foam that bonds to most construction materials. This formulation is closed cell and won't age, harden or shrink. It is perfect for filling and sealing holes and voids for outside applications.

Savio Black Foam directs water flow over rocks for a fuller, more beautiful waterfall. use it to fill cracks and voids between stones or to secure stone edge and contain gravel on bog shelves.

Clean-up has never been quicker or easier. This strong solvent removes uncured foam and should be used before long-term gun storage. Simply screw on the gun to flush.

  • Easy Application - Simple shake, point, squeeze and fill
  • Multi Purpose - Use for a variety of applications
  • Durable - Resists water & weather