Savio Livingponds Filters

MPN: F100

Manufacturer: Savio AD

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Savio Livingponds Filters mimic natural filtration in living eco-systems. A built-in settling chamber with a bottom drain makes maintenance easy by collecting solids before they pass through the media. The main filter chamber, loaded with easy to clean, non-clogging Savio Springflo Bio-Filter Media, effectively removes solids from the water column and provides maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria. The Livingponds Waterfall Filter F100 includes a 22" weir while the Versatile F200 a 2" discharge. Superior water quality, simplified plumbing and maintenance. Complete filtration for ponds up to 5,000 gallons with less maintenance.


  • Rugged non-skid lid
  • Top polishing mat & Springflo Bio-filter media
  • Super-strong injection molded housing
  • Media grate
  • Bottom drain bulkead
  • 22" weir or 2" outlet for remote placement
        Product Info
         Item PDF Max Pond Size Max Flow Inlet Outlet Dimensions
        67550 5,000 gal 3,000 GPH 1.5" FPT 22" weir 23.4"D x 30.5"H
        67551 5,000 gal 3,000 GPH 1.5" FPT 2" 23.4"D x 30.5"H