API Pond Ammo Lock

MPN: 166B

Manufacturer: API AD

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Instantly detoxifies ammonia in fish ponds

API Pond Ammo Lock detoxifies poisonous ammonia, which is continually produced in your pond by waste, to a safe form for fish. This product eliminates ammonia stress, and promotes healthy gills and a safe pond environment for your pond fish. 

API Pond Ammo Lock Dosage
Add 1/4 cup of ammo lock per 250 gallons of pond water
One dose of ammo lock will neutralize 7.0ppm of chlorine, 3.0ppm of chloramines, and detoxify 3.0ppm of ammonia.
Treats (up to)
Item Size pH Effect
166B 16 oz. 1,920 gal
166D 64 oz. 7,680 gal