Atlantic BioMax+ Enhanced Biological Conditioner


Manufacturer: Atlantic Water Gardens AD

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Bio-Max+ enhances bacterial activity with a fast-acting liquid formula that balances the pond ecosystem, removes ammonia, seeds biological filters and reduces suspended organics. A specialized bacterial mix containing billions of microbes work year round to keep ponds healthy and clean. Use weekly to reduce suspended organics and keep pond water clear and healthy.

  • Regular applications maintain a healthy, balanced ecosystem
  • Naturally removes organic debris, ammonia and nitrates
  • Use weekly to keep water clean and clear
Application Rate: Apply 1 oz per 375 gallons once a week. If problems persist apply BioMax+ twice a week at the prescribed rate until desired results are achieved. 

For Best Results: Apply BioMax+ to the area of greatest circulation. Use supplemental aeration to enhance biological activity. Optimal Water Conditions: pH: 6.5-8.5, Temperature: 50F or above.
Treats (up to)
Item Size Treats (up to)
WTBM16 16 oz. 6,000 gallons
WTBM32 32 oz. 12,000 gallons
WTBM1G 1 gal. 48,000 gallons