Atlantic ReFresh Colorfalls & Fountain Treatment


Manufacturer: Atlantic Water Gardens AD

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ReFresh keeps Colorfalls and Fountain Basin water clear and free from odor by preventing organic debris from building up. It can be used to treat the water in Colorfalls, fountain and bubbler applications.

  • Keeps Colorfalls and fountains clean and free from stains, sludge and odors
  • Safe for use in birdbaths and basins where pets and wildlife may drink
  • Use weekly for best results
Application Rate: Apply 1 oz per 100 gallons once a week. If problems persist apply ReFresh twice a week at the prescribed rate until desired results are achieved. 

For Best Results: Apply directly to basin water for maximum results. 
Treats (up to)
Item Size Treats (up to)
WTRF16 16 oz. 1,600 gal
WTRF32 32 oz. 3,200 gal