Summit Clear-Water Barley Straw Pond Treatments

MPN: 125

Manufacturer: Summit AD

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Place bale on the surface of the pond, preferably near waterfall or filter outlet. Do not allow bales to sink to the bottom of the pond. If bale sinks, remove from pond for 24 hours to dry then put it back. Allow one month for the bale to become effective. Replace each bale after 6 months of use. For continuous treatment, after 5 months, place a new bale next to the old one. Then remove the oldest one at the 6 month mark. For best results keep barley straw bale floating on the pond year round.

        Treats up to
         Item Description
        Treats up to
        125 Summit Barley Straw Pond Treatment 2 pk 2 pack 500 gallons per package
        130 Summit Clear Water Barley Bale 2 pk 2 pack 1000 gallons per package
        135 Summit Barley Straw Pond Treatment Jumbo Bale 1 pack 3000-5000 gallons per package
        Clear Water Barley Straw Pond Treatment Usage
        Add to the area of the pond with the most circulation & water movement is greatest. The bale works better when kept off the bottom of the pond.
        One package treats up to 2,000 gallons of water.